Unsigned at The Bedford was a fantastic night!

We arrived at the gig, where we met ‘Kevin’ the sound man.  He seemed slightly uneasy but we decided we’d let love conquer ALL!

We got setup and began to Sound Check.

The first song we checked was ‘Maintain’ a track I was playing acoustic Bass on for the first time on an Ekklesia gig and it sounded so…nice. I was now excited.

The gig started and it was great to listen to Dan Bilbrugh and after that it was Greg Dwight (we seemed to have a lot in common with Greg😉).

We performed ‘Stay With Me’ for the first time live and it really was that, LIVE!!!! Greg said ‘Stay with Me’ is a BANGER!

We’re working with some of the best musicians on this tour: Adam ‘Smiley’ Wade (it’s not just a name it’s a lifestyle), Velroy Bailey, Dan Storey and our MD Emlyn Maillard, who are amazing to work with!!!!

This tour is gonna best amazing judging from the first gig.  The comments and love have just made us more ready for what’s to come.

Keep checking back and we’ll keep you updated, also look at our social media where we’ll be posting photos video blogs etc…

Huge thanks to Loretta for inviting us and her wonderful team for looking after us.