2016 year has been amazing for us!

In April Ekklesia won Premier Gospel’s Best Video award for ‘Where You Are’.

It was a PACKED HOUSE, and a well produced show.  We had a great time and we’re honoured to win!  This was all taking place whilst we were still touring.



In June Ekklesia took a break from touring for Yolanda to welcome her new addition baby Isabelle to her family.  Whilst Yolanda was resting Nadine went to USA to network and perform with the American music industry.  The trip was amazing, Nadine went to and performed nursing homes, homeless shelters, churches, venues etc….  Many are looking forward to Ekklesia’s return with both sisters!




The 1st October saw the 2nd Jump Music Awards take place.  This was special for us because, the venue chosen for the awards was a 5 minute walk from where we filmed our music video and the first Jump music awards is where we first spoke to Shabazz Gramham about working together.  The next greatest thing is that…WE WON!!!! We love it when a plan comes together😉

2016-10-02 00.02.22



Well as if that isn’t enough great news, Ekklesia has now been nominated for an Urban Music Award for best Gospel Act, and we are asking for our friends (that you👈🏾), loved ones etc… to vote for us.  To vote all you need to do is click the following link –

The greatest thing about awards is that it gives us more opportunities to share our message with more people like yourselves.  We love doing it and we do love being appreciated.  Win or no win being recognised is amazing and us work will still go on.🤗


Stay at tuned for our next blog in November and if you have any questions please message us and we’ll address them here.


God bless you😘