What’s it all about?

I look into the world as I’m going about my daily life and see so many things that pull on my heart strings.

Homelessness, child abuse, kids behaviour issues – these are right on my door step 😔.

How do I help to change these lives, how can I just walk past and pretend what I saw isn’t that bad or is not my problem.

Surely this isn’t their purpose? Or is it? I do question God…

It’s not fair! Or is it?

With what I have, I need to help make a change!

The question is what do I do to make a change? I’m just one person…

Well…this is where all our God given gifts come into play.  Not simply to win awards and be recognised but to share words of Wisdom, LOVE and bring hope.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you can make a difference.

There was a story on facebook of a homeless man who was honest enough to give back a ring that was thrown into his begging bowl by accident.  In return for his selfless act he was blessed with somewhere to live and a job.  In one story there were so many acts of kindness something great had to happen.

Let’s follow examples like this. Our gifts are not our own, they are to be shared with others, which then lead to fulfilment. (Romans 12)