Conflict between libyans and court continues

Conflict between Libyans and court continues

Government spokesman nasser al-manaa told the german press agency in tripoli late sunday evening: "libya values good relations with the international criminal court and the international community in general, but not at the expense of libya’s higher interests."

Tribunal staff were captured by a militia in the western city of al-sintan last week. They are accused of trying to hand over "secret documents" to saif al-islam al-gaddafi. In addition, there is a vague accusation of espionage in the room.

Former dictator muammar al-gaddafi’s son held in al-sintan prison. Government spokesman al-manaa said the attorney general had begun investigations against australian lawyer melinda taylor and members of her team.

The federal government demanded that libya immediately release istgh employees. Federal minister guido westerwelle (FDP) pointed out that the court’s employees were in principle protected from prosecution during official travels. Germany insists that this immunity is also respected.

Local media reported, only taylor and a lebanese translator spent hours under arrest. The other two members of the four-man team – a russian and a spaniard – had voluntarily stayed with the women in al-sintan. In the meantime, he said, envoys from the criminal court have arrived in tripoli to negotiate with the authorities for the release of the workers.

The decision of the libyan electoral commission, which had originally been scheduled for 19. June planned election to a constitutional assembly on the 7. Postponing july met with popular approval. The commission chairman had cited logistical problems as the reason for the postponement. Libyans to decide on members of a 200-member national assembly. The latter is then to draft a constitution for the country and appoint a new transitional government.

German MEP alexander graf lambsdorff (FDP), who is traveling to libya as head of an EU election assessment group of 21 experts, also expressed understanding: "it is important that preparations are made as well as possible, a postponement of a few weeks was to be expected and will not negatively affect the electoral process."