Kronach wine festival: the new one on the grape throne

kronach wine festival: the new one on the grape throne

The people of kronach love their wine festival – because of its special atmosphere and unique mood, it is undoubtedly one of the most cherished festivals of the year in kronach. The weekend saw the 66th edition of this long-running event. Edition. Initially held at other locations, the summer highlight has now been taking place for many years in the town moat, which is illuminated with many colored lights. For the past 19 years, the kronach musicians and the kronach youth orchestra have been responsible for the organization of the event, and once again they were delighted to welcome numerous guests.

High point at a late hour

The undisputed highlight was the election of the new kronach wine queen on saturday evening. It seems that petrus is also a fan of the sour grape juice. After abundant rain during the day, the weather remained dry in the evening and at night, so that the enthronement of the new majesty was spared from showers.

This year, four young ladies competed for the "grape throne". No easy task for the many guests to decide on a regent. At 11 p.M. It was finally up to kronach’s mayor wolfgang beiergroblein to announce the results. In a "strong field katrin welscher from theisenort made the race. The 27-year-old will now be responsible for majestic splendor at various events in kronach and kronach’s wine partner town of rhodt unter rietburg. She was beaming all over when the ceremonial crowning act was performed and she received the royal insignia. Christina seegenschmiedt and nicole huhnlein, who received the second and third most votes respectively, will support her as wine princesses. Also claudia treuter had stood for election.

Although katrin welscher’s joy was great, she had not actually planned her application. "For some years now, my musician colleagues have been telling me that I should stand for election as a candidate. Quite spontaneously I did the same today. But of course I’m already very happy to have been elected", kronach’s new majesty, who plays the flugelhorn and trumpet in the kronach youth orchestra and with the "kronacher musikanten flugelhorn and trumpet.

Being wine queen is an honorable task. She is most looking forward to the visit to the palatinate wine-growing community of rhodt unter rietburg, with which kronach maintains a close and friendly partnership. Also the festival is held in good cooperation with the rhodter winzergenossenschaft. Although there is no specific dress code for this, katrin welscher wants to wear dirndl and of course the diadem, which is obligatory, at her appearances. The medical assistant herself is not averse to a fine drop of grape juice – preferably bacchus, which brings us to another of the evening’s hot topics.

A bacchus for kronach?

Mayor beiergroblein had announced with a grin on his face that andreas geblein had received a large number of votes, even though he had not even applied for the office of mayor. "I will make a motion to my city council that next year, in addition to a wine queen, we will also elect a kronach bacchus for the first time", said the head of the city with a wink, but obviously quite taken with the idea.

He and gunter soja, chairman of the kronach youth orchestra, had welcomed the guests to the schnapszahl wine festival at the start of the event. The head of the city was very concerned about thanking christina seegenschmiedt, who had stepped in last year for the wine queen who had resigned from her office and had represented kronach in an exemplary manner. In recognition of this, he also invited her to the upcoming visit to beautiful rhodt. He also paid great respect to her three fellow candidates for her candidacy. Rhodt’s mayor joined in the celebration . Torsten engel, who had invited the wine queen – also on behalf of the delegation from his home country, including rhodt’s wine princess johanna I – to the event. – begluckwunschte.

The "kronacher musikanten" provided the right atmosphere on saturday, this time also with a royal glamour in their own rows. On friday evening the "tomtomband" had, best known from the "kroniche fousanaocht" cake evenings, oldies, pop and hits from six decades were performed. A

M sunday afternoon the kids orchestra and the "kronach youth orchestra" played before the "original heidelbergler" (heidelbergers) for the conclusion of the once again very successful celebration provided.