Kulmbacher in the jury at the biggest european beer competition

Kulmbacher in the jury at the biggest european beer competition

The "european beer star belongs to the most important competitions for all who love beer. This year's jury also included one from kulmbach: kay-tassilo pauli (44). The cult competition is the largest of its kind in europe, the second largest beer competition in the world. This year, the best beers were to be found out of 2344 beers. Kay-tassilo pauli: "this year, the beers came from 51 countries and there were 40 different categories to choose from, tells pauli.

Of course, he did not have to try all the beers. "The jurors were always international in their composition. The beers were then tasted in groups of eight", so pauli. In the preliminary round, the jurors had to master six rounds with eight beers. At the finale, there were nine rounds with eight to ten beers each to choose from. "You only take a little sip at a time, of course. But – unlike other tastings – the beer is really swallowed. We don't spit out the beer", reports the kulmbacher. The tasting of the beers lasted ten hours a day. In between there was plenty of water and bread to neutralize the taste.

Jurors from all over the world

Kay-tassilo pauli has acquired a lot of know-how about brewing beer as a malt salesman. "Malt is my profession, beer is my hobby", he says. Pauli was nominated as a juror because he had already served on the jury at a prestigious beer competition in russia. "I found it incredibly interesting to meet with the other jurors from all over the world. In my group there was an american, a japanese, a pole, an italian and an austrian", tells pauli.

"Not all beers were brewed according to the bavarian purity law. There were also rice beers or beers with alternative cereals", says the beer expert. The decisive factors for the evaluation were taste, color, appearance and foam formation. "We then discussed the results at the table and came to an agreement. And the international taste of beer is really different", says pauli. The kulmbacher tester found barrique beers particularly interesting. "However, sour beers, as they are popular in italy, are not so mine.", so pauli. Non-alcoholic beers also enjoyed increasing popularity. "They were very good, but there were really very rough differences in this category."

The kulmbacher tester doesn't yet know which beers have won. And of course he doesn't know whether domestic beers have also been judged by him and whether they have received a good rating. "For example, i liked a bohemian style beer brewed in the czech republic. Unfortunately, I was not able to taste any cereal beers. It would have been interesting to see how the beers taste with corn and rice", finds pauli. There were also some curious beers to choose from: beers with herbs, for example.

"In any case, the competition was a great experience. If I am invited again, I would like to be on the jury again", Pauli takes stock.