Minor injuries in axe attack

In a violent quarrel between two men, in which two axes were also involved, a 51-year-old man was fortunately only slightly injured on tuesday afternoon. The 74-year-old, who attacked his opponent for unknown reasons, has been arrested, the police said. Investigation proceedings have been initiated against the pensioner for dangerous bodily injury and damage to property.

Background of the argument could have been a property damage, whereby a so far unknown perpetrator smeared the house of the pensioner in the night to tuesday, according to the police. Thereby a damage in height of about 150 euro had originated.

Against 16.20 o’clock the accused had, according to the now available evidence, first hit the mobile home of his adversary with two axes. When the owner then joined in, the pensioner also struck in his direction with an axe. The 51-year-old was able to dodge these blows. He managed to bring the attacker to the ground.

A short time later, a police patrol arrived and arrested the 74-year-old man. The injured, who suffered minor injuries in the altercation, received medical treatment on the spot.

The pensioner was after judicial order blood entnomment. The accused spent wednesday night in a police holding cell.

On wednesday morning he was released in agreement with the public prosecutor’s office in wurzburg.