Reichert: “we are the aubenseiter in lukewarm position”

Reichert: 'we are the aubenseiter in lukewarm position'

14 games, seven opponents with different goals: while EA schongau, ESC geretsried and ESC dorfen are striving to stay in the bavarian league, ESC kempten, ESV buchloe, ESC vilshofen, ERSC amberg and the habfurt hawks are aiming for promotion to the fourth-highest german ice hockey league in the upcoming interlocking round. It will be a difficult underfranken – the motivation is very rough in all teams. ESC martin reichert has his thoughts before the opening game on friday evening against the mammoths of EA schongau. Mr. Reichert, a few days after the grouping, are you still disappointed about the two missed derbies against schweinfurt or are you looking forward to an exciting dovetailing round??

Martin reichert: for us as a club, of course, the economic factor has been an issue. Personally, it makes no difference to me whether we play schongau or schweinfurt.

Which opponent do you consider particularly dangerous in the dovetailing round??

Especially dangerous are all three bayernligisten, as schongau, geretsried and dorfen. In addition, the ERSC amberg. However, I can well imagine that it will be extremely exciting as always in this round. I hope that everything stays open for a long time. A closer look at the individual opponents, however, I can not and will not give.

What has to happen for the habfurt hawks to end up in the top three of the table and thus advance to the bavarian league?

First and foremost, of course, it is important that no one gets hurt. We also have to avoid work-related absenteeism during long trips to the city. The momentum and the disc glide at the right moment as well as the highest possible concentration also play a rough role. Where do you rank the ESC? If you look at the teams and the individual players, I see us as the lukewarm leader – but anything is possible. Preparation for the dovetailing round was extremely poor. Various factors have led to the fact that we have not yet completed a single training session in a reasonably complete condition.

What must not happen?

No other of our players must get injured.

And what about the injured and sick players?? Most recently daniel hora, marco hildenbrand and alex stahl were out of action.

Unfortunately this is still open. I think that maybe one or the other can play. But at the moment it does not look too good.

What is your personal wish for the dovetailing round??

That all players concentrate on the games alone and put selfish behavior aside.

What is your wish for the fans of the hawks??

That you fully support the team and help especially in difficult situations."