Stettfeld has still many construction sites

Stettfeld has still many construction sites

For two years, stettfeld has resembled a rough construction site with canal, water and trench extensions. To the joy of the citizens and the local traffic the main road is now finished. The place has thus received a new face. Nevertheless, further measurements are necessary in the surrounding area. The building committee of the municipal council, under the leadership of mayor alfons hartlieb (CSU), took a look at several inspection points.

A crossing aid in bamberger strabe with a sidewalk is desired by the citizens, especially since the new "flachs" housing development has arisen. In consultation with the schweinfurt tramway authority, the construction committee discussed a solution that would best meet the various interests involved. A road width of at least 3.50 meters per lane is required, the committee was told. The width of the crossing, which will be made with shaped stones, must be at least 2.50 meters. In addition, a drainage is required. The cost is estimated at 17 000 euros.

Another consideration is to build a sidewalk on the left side of the road in the direction of staffelbach for the safety of schoolchildren and pedestrians. This would have been easier to do on this side, he said. This variant is recommended to the municipal council.

At the parking lot "saumarkt it was a matter of killing several birds with one stone. Problems arose during the tree inspection because the school bus had problems in the turning circle. It is narrow and flat roads were blocked, so that the bus driver had to maneuver again and again. The entrance to rudendorfer weg will now be made more rough here. In addition, the municipality wants to create a parking lot on a plot of land next to the turning circle, which should ensure that the turning circle remains free for traffic.

In rudendorfer weg, which is currently closed, construction work is nearing completion. In time for the asphalting, the construction committee decided to redesign the end of the construction and the junction with gartenstrabe (new sidewalk curb and walkway).

The construction committee continued its visit to the west of the village. Here in the klingenweg and in the schulstrabe canal and water pipe are to be exchanged and diverted over the siedlungsstrabe, which is renewed likewise. The unanimous opinion of the building committee was that if the road space is to be encroached upon and the road rebuilt, then the sidewalk should also be extended to the junction with the settlement road. There is a lot to negotiate with the landowner. The width of the footpath should be 1.50 meters.

The engineer peter ruck of the planning office brought in connection with the development of the settlement road the suggestion to replace a stucco channel, at it a further part of the roads "at the slope" and "to the mountain and to be sent directly to the clearing plant. This also provided relief for the gartenstrabe. There are already planning documents for this and they should be presented to the municipal council in its next meeting.

Committee member matthias kuhn rode his bike on the tour of the community – and that was a good thing, because the last part of the tour was down the reclamation path along the stettfeld-ebelsbach rail line, which serves as a bike path and is eagerly used. The pavement has cracks and settlements that shake bicyclists to the core.

Time and again, citizens have asked the municipality to repair the damaged areas or to completely redesign the path. The problem is that the road lies on the land parcels of three municipalities (stettfeld, ebelsbach, eltmann). Mayor alfons hartlieb suggested repairing the damaged areas, which is not easy with pavement, and then seeing what happens – also with a view to ebelsbach and eltmann. Perhaps a total solution will come at some point.