Ten years in the selection orchestra of the kronach district

Tenor saxophonist silke welsch started with the clarinet. After playing clarinet in the county select orchestra for the first five seasons, she has now played tenor saxophone for the past five seasons.

Although she comes from a musical family, she is the first to learn an instrument. "There was a lot of singing in our family. I can remember how my parents and my grandmother often sang together with me", she tells. She came to the clarinet through her school friend corinna loffler, who also played the clarinet. Both learned the instrument from corinna's father, klemens loffler.

She taught herself to play the tenor saxophone. "If you can play the clarinet, it's easy to learn. They are the same grips", says the 25-year-old, who works for HUK and also lives in coburg on weekdays.

For the woman from hesselbach, music is a good balance to her everyday life at work. She also shows great commitment to youth work, giving saxophone lessons in the brass class of the hesselbach music society.

Maria gerber comes from a real family of musicians. Her sister johanna (transverse flute) and her cousins nina geiger (flugelhorn) and anna geiger (trumpet) play in the district orchestra – as well as other family members at the steinberg music society. "My grandfather was already making music. We practically grew up with music", tells the 24-year-old, who came to the flugelhorn in a rather unusual way. "When i was a child, they played a record for me. I liked the flugelhorn best. I wanted to learn that, the steinberger remembers with a grin. She also considers music to be a good balance to her job. The best thing for her is that you can make music together with other musicians in the orchestra.
Both of them liked this year's modern program very much, and they were particularly impressed by the fullness of sound in the church. They like the almost familiar atmosphere in the county orchestra.

District selection orchestra inspires – after many years again in the church
As the first notes of the timelessly beautiful classic "what a wonderful world" were played when louis armstrong played, you almost thought you could see him in front of you: the unforgotten jazz trumpeter and singer. The study in which the "satchmo" was played singing about the beauty of the world and the little moments of happiness in everyday life was a perfect fit for the annual concert of the kronach district orchestra; after all, its musicians also provided plenty of moments of happiness themselves – and although with the enthusiastic guests.

But the world hit was by no means the only treasure that the creme de la creme of the active people in the district took out of their "treasure chest" of the common cooperation "herausholen. In the magnificent sanctuary of the teuschnitz church they offered – this year for the first time under the direction of the new district conductor roman steiger – a demanding program of the top class.

It was also roman steiger who – after the last time a passion concert was held in the pressiger church at the end of the 1990s – wished for a concert in a church again. In churches the sound reaches a new dimension, here the music sounds even fuller, more intense and more moving. And the music was also this year exzellent ausgewahlt. With it, the 45 predominantly young musicians from 16 clubs were given the opportunity to once again demonstrate their great musical skills. Holger pohl led through the entertaining evening.

Of course there were two encores after the program, namely michael jackson's "heal the world and the sanctus from the schubert mass. They ended the concert with an incredibly fresh, modern and lively sound, for which the guests thanked them with a standing ovation.

The entertaining evening had once again shown how many talented young musicians the district has, which is due in particular to the excellent youth work in the clubs. "The county selection orchestra is the flagship of youth work", had already emphasized circle chairman wolfgang muller in its burial. Deputy district administrator gerhard wunder was also proud of the many young musicians: "the district is not dying out, it is alive. New musicians are always coming in." This year, no less than 14 newcomers celebrated their debut – including district conductor roman steiger as leader of the district selection orchestra. "You have led the young people to high performances in a very short time", praised him district chairman wolfgang muller. "I am proud to be allowed to participate here", roman steiger was pleased.