Trump sharpens attacks against biden’s family

Trump sharpens attacks against Biden's family

Two and a half weeks before the presidential election in the u.S., incumbent donald trump has stepped up his attacks against the family of his challenger joe biden.

"Joe biden is a corrupt politician," the republican said at a campaign appearance in ocala in the u.S. State of florida. "And the biden family is a criminal enterprise."Meanwhile, commentators in the "new york times" called on voters to vote trump out of office, saying he was unfit for office. The article was not published in connection with trump's most recent statements, but with a view to his almost four years in office.

Trump's re-election efforts pose "the gravest threat to american democracy since world war ii," writes the editorial board, a group of commentators working independently of the newsroom of the prestigious u.S. Newspaper. "The enormity and variety of the offenses committed by mr. Trump can be overpowering. Repetition has dulled the sense of exaltation and the accumulation of new upsets leaves little time to deal with the details."

Trump's appearance in florida is another example of his presidential style of overriding norms and customs. The 74-year-old accused his rival and his rival's family of getting rich "while america was being robbed". Trump called "mainstream media" "enemies of the people" and accused them of failing to report "the world's biggest story"-meaning the alleged corruption of democrat biden.

Trump supporters chanted "lock him up" when biden's name was mentioned – a slogan used by trump supporters to slam his challenger hillary clinton during the election campaign four years ago. Trump has long made corruption allegations against ex-vice president biden and his son hunter without evidence, which have now been fueled by the tabloid new york post.

The newspaper tried in several articles over the past few days to link joe biden with his son hunter biden's earlier dealings in ukraine and china. The paper published e-mails that were supposed to prove that hunter biden had tried to profit from his father's office as vice president under barack obama. The newspaper also considered the emails as evidence that joe biden knew about his son's controversial foreign business dealings, contrary to his testimony. Biden denies that he was guilty of anything. On friday, he called the "new york post" articles a "smear campaign".

The authenticity of the emails is not confirmed. Also questionable is how they became public. They were reportedly found on a laptop in a repair shop. The "new york post" received a copy of the hard drive of rudy giuliani, trump's longtime personal lawyer and confidant, a week ago, according to its own sources. The copy was made by the owner of the repair shop before the laptop was seized by the federal bureau of investigation in december 2019, the newspaper reported.

Hunter biden was a member of the board of directors of gas company burisma between 2014 and 2019. Trump accused biden, among others, of using his office as vice president to try to protect his son from the ukrainian judiciary. Biden rejects it. Trump wanted to achieve investigations in ukraine for this purpose. The conflict triggered impeachment proceedings against trump, which failed in february due to the republican majority in the senate.

Trump trails biden in nationwide polls. But because of the complicated electoral system, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Weiben house speaker kayleigh mcenany accused polling organizations of using "inflated" polls to influence public opinion.

The "new york times" writes of trump that he "stands as the worst american president in modern history, with no real rivals.". The commentators elaborate on their accusations in further articles, using individual topics as examples. Trump's time in office has shown that he is unable to solve the country's most pressing problems because he himself is the country's most pressing problem. He is a "racist demagogue," an "isolationist," and a "perpetual showman.".

The "foundations of american civil society" had already been crumbling before trump announced his bid for the presidential nomination in 2015, the article continued. "But he has exacerbated the worst trends in american politics: under his leadership, the nation has become more polarized, more paranoid, and meaner."It could take decades for the full extent of his misconduct to come to light. "But what is already known is shocking enough."

The "new york times" officially threw its weight behind joe biden in early october. Earlier, the editorial board of the washington post had officially endorsed biden and vice president Kamala Harris, calling trump "the worst president in modern times".