U.S. Confirms airstrikes on islamist militia in somalia

u.s. confirms airstrikes on islamist militia in somalia

U.S. Military drones were used in the airstrikes on fighters of the islamist terrorist militia al-shabaab in somalia.

The U.S. Command center for operations in africa (africom) confirmed on sunday that the retaliatory attacks after the explosives attack in mogadishu had been coordinated with the government of the east african country. A total of four terrorists were killed in three air raids. According to somali intelligence sources, a senior militia commander was among them.

Nearly 100 people were killed and dozens injured in the devastating attack in mogadishu on saturday. Eyewitnesses spoke of a scene of devastation after a truck loaded with explosives was blown up during morning rush hour at a busy intersection. Although no one has yet identified themselves as the author, the al-shabaab militia is suspected of being behind the attack.

Somalia itself does not have any combat drones, but relies on the help of its allies for this purpose. The U.S. Military classifies al-shabaab as a "global threat" and, according to its own statements, assumes that the militia is also planning attacks in the U.S.A. Sunni fundamentalists linked to al-qaeda have been fighting for years for dominance in the poor country on the horn of africa.

The force of the explosion in western mogadishu not only killed many people, but also caused serious damage to the area around the site of the attack. While the cleanup continued the day after, 16 injured somalis were flown out to turkey for medical treatment. The bodies of two turkish attack victims were also transported to their home country in the military truck. In mogadishu, many people came to donate blood at the hospitals, where desperate people searched for their loved ones over the weekend.

A preliminary assessment now estimates 83 dead and at least 20 missing. The likelihood that they are among the dead is considered high: according to rescue workers, many victims – including children – were literally torn apart by the force of the explosion. Identification of body parts considered difficult. The police had therefore spoken on the weekend of just under 100 deaths. 148 injured were admitted to the city’s hospitals. Some of them are considered to have a questionable chance of survival.