Bad Bruckenau: (m)a tree for the city

It could be a wedding, the birth of a child or simply a sign of unity. Many cities give their citizens the opportunity to plant trees. Small signs commemorate donor and occasion. On the initiative of city councilor eva reichert-nelkenstock (grune), such a project will now also take place in bad bruckenau. From now on, burgers who wanted to take part could contact her. Five requests for tree donations have already been received, says the city council’s nature and environment officer.

First, the new trees along the kirkham path are to be planted. "The idea is also to replace our city trees with this action", describes reichert-nelkenstock. In georgi park, for example, some trees are already very old. To prevent pests from infesting the young plants, the initiator relies on a mix of native tree species. She mentions maples, lime trees and oaks as examples.

Mayor jochen vogel (CSU) thinks the action is good. "It’s an enrichment for our city area," says reichert-nelken, he says. Councilman jonathan kirchner (PWG) reports that the evangelical church community has also been thinking about a tree planting campaign. "For me, the main thing is that people identify with the place", he makes clear.

Round table on the city

In addition, reichert-nelkenstock has called a round table stadtgrun into being. The fruit and gardening association, the beekeepers, the gardeners from the building yard, the spa nursery in the state baths and the nature conservation association meet people who care about nature in particular. Three rounds of talks have already taken place since may. "A lot of money is spent on flower meadows for insects. But so much more could be achieved if the meadows between the city and the state baths were not mowed so early", she says.

The mayor continued: "that is exactly the idea of the rhonallianz", he says. When the county introduced the grungitter project a few years ago, the mayors in the rhon agreed that the north of the county did not need such a concept. Instead, the rhonian communities rely on their own initiative.

In bad bruckenau, too, flower meadows have been created at selected sites. He could well imagine extending this to other areas, says vogel. However, it is important to communicate to guests and locals what is happening there, adds kirchner, who keeps an eye on marketing as the city council’s advisor. The wild growth must be explained.

5 burgers have already shown interest in donating a tree. The first planting campaign starts when ten to twelve trees have been donated.