Sect children of lonnerstadt: the rough mother in the interview

Sect children of lonnerstadt: the rough mother in the interview

FT: how was the television broadcast of the film "sect children – born to serve"? For them? What feelings do you have now?
Christine: quite honestly – almost a little pleasant feelings. That finally someone becomes attentive. I sometimes feel like I’m hitting a rubber wall when I say the kids aren’t doing well. Then they say that they are well taken care of and that nothing is missing. Now I am glad that something has changed or hopefully will change. That was the reason why I joined in the first place. I want to achieve something for the children.

So a knot has been untied?
I would not put it that way. Because I am by no means sure that something will really happen. It can also be that the affliction curses itself very quickly again. No idea.

They are allowed to see the children at the moment?
Not at the moment. My husband and I were there last christmas and asked if we could take the kids for a day so they could see something different. I thought of this as a supplement to help my son. I wanted to balance things out a bit. But that was not possible.

Why did your son join the sect in the first place??
It was first his wife who got into it. She had problems, discovered this group and was really happy in the first time. In sects, you are courted and showered with love at the beginning. Then he went along too

so he did not despair of the world?
No. This has been drilled into him little by little. These things that they have learned by heart, that they can already recite. My son is doing very well. When you think about how little money he earns. I don’t know how much, but certainly enough about this guru. And still he somehow gets the family through the month. Until the next child benefit comes. It may be that at the end of the month the food is more than complaining. That is why we have given in to his wishes for so long and supported him. Until we realize that so much money goes to ailsbach.

Many people now think that they had to donate money or food.
For heaven’s sake. No money donated. People are supposed to keep the money in the hope that the youth welfare office will do something. And then the children need everything possible.

Have you ever been in contact with the guru??

Does the guru have other followers?
There are loose adherents. Some have already left. But nobody came without money.

How is it that the guru loves a journalist in his house??
This is the personal achievement of beate greindl. That she managed to convince the guru that she was seriously interested in his group. What a rough luck.

How does it continue?
I sincerely hope that the children will be helped – in whatever way possible.