Club friends neufang donate 3000 euro

Club friends neufang donate 3000 euro

The board of directors of the FCN fan club "red-black neufang decided for a donation action, with which the youth work of local associations in neufang and a supra-local donation call are to be supported.

The FCN fan club, chaired by ralf fortschbeck, presented the chairmen of the sports club, the fire department and the music club of neufang each with an amount of 750 euros. The clubs in the village of neufang make a major contribution to youth work and offer young people an attractive range of leisure activities. For this task, they also need the necessary financial means, because playing, practicing and training operations are associated with costs, despite volunteer supervision.

Supporting commitment

"With the donation the fanclub wants to support this engagement and express the connection with the local clubs", explained chairman fortschbeck. In a short speech, he emphasized the good cooperation between the clubs in neufang and pointed out that many of the members of the fan club are also active in other clubs.

For the fan club it is a matter of concern to demand and support the youth work in the clubs within the scope of its possibilities.

The DJK/SV neufang sports club maintains several youth and school teams in the soccer and table tennis areas. So chairman bernd haderlein was pleased about the generous donation and thanked the fan club warmly. "This shows that the community in neufang is intact", said haderlein.

The youth group of the fire department participates in different competitions in several age groups. "The firefighters’ association supports the purchase of new all-weather clothing for the youth and will pass the donation on one-to-one to its youth department", chairman thomas winterstein and commander dirk goppner were pleased to announce.

For the music club, chairman marco kotschenreuther gratefully accepted the donation. The music club receives the donation for its commitment to its youth orchestra, the neufanger "brass kids. Here, the training of up-and-coming musicians is organized and supported by the music association.

Donation to six-headed family

The fan club leadership also announced that a further donation of 750 euros will be made to support a family in the district of kronach that has fallen on hard times through no fault of its own. This donation will be given to a family of six who lost their father in a tragic accident last year.