It’s all about the bratwurst

Coarse use for a small sausage: in order to give the bratwurst, which has been missing for a long time in the culinary offer on the kitzinger market place, a new chance, meets on thursday, 21. March, at 16.30 o’clock, an entire city council committee at the kilians fountain.

The administrative and building committee, which has twelve members (plus the mayor of burkardroth), wants to see whether the installation of a mobile barbecue planned by the operator of the piccolo bar is compatible with the historically grown surroundings. As reported, the committee had rejected a corresponding application at the beginning of march due to a lack of documentation. At the same time, the innkeeper was offered the chance to have the story explained to him at a local meeting and then decide again.

This is planned for thursday. As karl-heinz schmidt had stated unchallenged in the meeting: "it is certain that the bratwurst on the kitzingen marketplace is underrepresented."Nevertheless, the majority could not bring itself to vote in favor of the proposal. The wanted to set up a mobile barbecue stand at the height of the kilian fountain. The gas-fired barbecue stand will be visually disguised and roofed over to protect it from the weather, according to the application. In addition, the grill is removed daily.

However, the description of the stand was not only the administration too thirsty. The committee had even called in the state office for the preservation of historical monuments, which – like the city’s curator of historical monuments – came to the conclusion that the project should be rejected from the point of view of urban planning.

So fast the topic was not then nevertheless from the table. The tendency in the committee was clearly for such an offer, if the design of the sales booth is clarified. The on-site meeting on thursday should contribute to this.