No parking lanes for trucks provided

On the northern and southern outskirts of rudenhausen new flat areas for business are being built. A development plan for the site has already been drawn up and approved, and now the council, led by mayor gerhard ackermann, discussed at its meeting what the future layout of the access roads should be. Planner rudy laatsch from the brandlein engineering office in wiesentheid had brought along various proposals, which he presented to the committee at the meeting.

After detailed discussion, the council agreed that the respective roads in both areas should have a width of 6.50 meters. Next to it, on each side, a walkway with a width of 1.50 meters is planned. Additional, specially designated parking lanes for trucks, or green strips were waived.

Sufficient space at the car yard

A grass strip is also not necessary. There was often just a lot of waste disposed of. In both areas, the access roads end with a turning ramp. Planner laatsch had first brought examples from other communities, where in the commercial areas streets with a width of seven meters plus up to 2.50 meters parking lanes were designated.

Not only council member stefan spangler thought that was too much. On the subject of parking strips, reference was made to the car yard in the town, where there is sufficient space to park the trucks. The two newly available sites belong to existing and developed commercial areas. So on the almost 14 hectares of flat land in the north there is, among other things, the auto yard, as well as a nursery. The rest of the unused land is privately owned. In the south, there are 4.9 hectares, parts of which have already been built on. Here, the municipality is the owner of the still vacant flat land.