88 Percent see “ebs” in a positive light

88 percent see 'ebs' in a positive light

"Your survey was a great thing to do. We could put the results to good use. Some things can be implemented quickly, but some take longer", ebermannstadt’s mayor christiane meyer (NLE) gave a presentation to class 8M of the elementary and middle school. About a year ago, as part of a school project initiated by heidi hotham, seven seventh-grade students asked passersby about their opinions of ebermannstadt.

"You asked, for example, what people think of ebermannstadt, what could be improved, what they would do if they were mayor, or what is particularly good," said, said heidi hotham. She went on to say that the mayor had promised to come by after a year to find out what had happened since then.

The project was also supported by annika eckert from the center management: "back then, you spoke to 200 passers-by. Sometimes it was great speech, some were more difficult." She summarized that many interviewees came to ebermannstadt because of the good shopping facilities, that the city was perceived as a very good school town, that there was good medical care and that events, markets and gastronomy were very well received. "88 percent of the respondents had a positive image of ebermannstadt in their minds", annika eckert summed up. The traffic and parking facilities in the city center, the facilities for children and young people and the housing were rated negatively.

"Traffic is a difficult issue, because you can’t make the cars go away. Everyone wants to park in front of the tur, and in some places it’s just very crowded in ebermannstadt.", christiane meyer summarized. She reported on traffic control actions to avoid long-term parking. More bicycle stands will soon be installed in the city center so that more visitors will not use their cars.

Meyer said that there were talks with the railroad for a better rhythm. A schoolboy confirmed that he has problems getting home when he finishes school after the fourth period.

Less permanent parkers

Annika eckert explained that she loved to make a parking disc together with local businesses for their customers. Customers can park for one hour free of charge and do their shopping. "The result is that there are fewer long-term parkers and fewer tickets are handed out", reported annika eckert. Christiane meyer added that there was an idea to keep the marketplace free of cars on weekends, but that would require a traffic study.

A boy said that the traffic light on the bundesstrabe had recently failed. He had barely managed to cross the street after school to get to the train. Christiane meyer said that it was difficult to create an optimal result for all traffic participants at this narrow intersection.

She also told the schoolchildren that the young people’s desire for their own rooms would soon be fulfilled. Because in a few months the youth center is to be opened. In addition, she is currently looking for free space for activities. The schoolchildren really liked the mayor’s idea of creating a pumptrack – a hugelige circuit for bicycles, scooters or skateboards.

When asked about a snack bar other than doner, christiane meyer had to admit that the city could only create the basis for it, but could not open its own snack bar. Annika eckert had a conversation with the operators of the "mahlwerk" cafe-bistro spoken. Here there could be an offer for schoolchildren in the future. Moreover, the mayor was surprised that the schoolchildren had asked for banks. This wish is also to be realized this year.