Kupser spd optimistic for the election

The SPD municipal association kups presented its candidates for the market town council elections on 15. March 2020. The team led by ralf pohl includes two women and 18 men, some of whom have decades of experience in office, but there are also newcomers. A quarter of the candidates, namely five people, are still under 35 years of age.

"We can be proud of these candidates", list leader ralf pohl and the long-standing SPD faction spokesman in the market town council, dieter lau, said in unison. There was confidence that, with these men and women, the result of 2014 could be improved even further and that, after the election, at least seven market town councils would be available again. Six of the previous seven market town councillors are standing again, and the newcomers show multiple voluntary commitment to the community in many associations and bring along rough experience in various professions.

Artful challenges

Ralf pohl, who has been chairman of the local SPD association and a member of the market town council for many years, addressed future challenges. "We are also in favor of projects if they are proposed by the mayor or the administration. We support them if we think they make sense for the community and they bring the community forward", said pohl. One of the future tasks will be the implementation of the mobility concept. "If this works, it will greatly improve mobility for young and old in kups and for the population as well." Pohl also mentioned village renewal as a very important task for all parts of the community, additional housing is needed, especially social housing. The SPD parliamentary group has submitted an application for this, which unfortunately has not yet been processed by the administration. All parts of the community had to be involved in development. Tourism could be intensified, according to pohl. Regarding the kups through road on the B173, he called the planned traffic circle a bad solution. Years ago, the council voted unanimously for a tunnel trough solution, which is still correct from today's perspective. "We need a relief for the citizens in kups and oberlangenstadt, which will not be provided by a traffic circle", pohl is certain.

The list of candidates

The unanimously elected SPD candidates for the market town council election on 15. March 2020 are: 1. Ralf pohl, 2. Wolfgang neumann, 3. Dieter lau, 4. Thomas friedlein, 5. Matthias hopf, 6. Alexander kopp-redwitz, 7. Sandra scharf, 8. Fabian kraus, 9. Gerd bannert, 10. Daniel frisch, 11. Birgit schwarz, 11. Sebastian kolb, 13. Alexander hopf, 14. Wolfgang horstel, alexej strebel, 16. Frank liebmann, 17. Roland schreiber, 18. Reiner schwarz, 19. Fritz pohl, 20. Heinz rebhan.

Substitute candidates are karl heinz schmidt, beate hopf and sabine van der luijt.