Too much swirl in the forest area near lichtenstein?

The market town council of maroldsweisach looked to upper franconia at its youngest meeting. Regional planning there is a source of concern for the rates. A concentration of a maximum of 40 wind turbines in the area of the lichtensteiner wald thus provided a strong headwind from the habgau region.

The regional planning association oberfranken-west has ideas for the realization of a wind energy park on the flat "71 bischwind nord" at the municipal border with seblach in the lichtensteiner forest before.
The planned flat is 367.2 hectares in size and lies between the maroldsweisach districts of hafenpreppach and altenstein as well as the seblach districts of bischwind b.H., heilgersdorf, rothenberg and unterelldorf.

Close to harbor preppach
Especially hafenpreppach is very close to this area. It is speculated that 30 wind turbines could be erected on the planned flat. Ten wind turbines had previously been expected. The market of maroldsweisach, directly adjacent to this area, east of altenstein, has favored the designation of four to five wind turbines on a flat area of about 125 hectares.

In the opinion of the maroldsweisach council, the designation of areas for further wind turbines in the direction of lichtenstein should be dispensed with in any case. The lichtensteiner wald is located on the edge of the habberge nature park and is considered to be the site with the highest wind resource in the region.

40 wind turbines are too much
The municipality of maroldsweisach demands, the council agreed, a reduction of the requested area and a minimum distance of 1000 meters to hafenpreppach. The additional flat 71 bischwind-north, it was argued, slopes sharply to the east and is no longer at the height of the lichtensteiner forest, where the wind slope is also no longer so rough. Moreover, the additional flat area of 367.2 hectares allows for too many wind turbines.

Even if a concentration is desired in principle, this dimension is too coarse in the overall view, it was explained.