Black walnut tree to be cut down on saturday

black walnut tree to be cut down on saturday

The 140-year-old growth stands for three decisive "S "s: oxygen supplier, pollutant filtering and townscape shaping. The BN local group takes the tree on the land of the savings bank as an opportunity to point out a "fundamental deficiency" to point out: "the tree protection ordinance is not being monitored", criticizes edith fieber. "It cannot be that I have a regulation and then nobody cares about it."

Inside lazy

The trunk of the black walnut has a circumference of three meters, the tree appears vital. But the impression changes, as evidenced by an expert opinion commissioned by the savings bank. Result: the trunk is rotten inside. "It's unfortunate, but safety first, action must be taken", says thomas potsch, the bank's press spokesman. For the felled black walnut there will be "three replacement plantings" give.
If the city monitored its protection ordinance, not only could the tree have been preserved, edith fieber is convinced; the savings bank, as the owner of the tree, could also have saved itself a lot of trouble and money, says the BN activist.

Protesting neighbor

Ten years ago, the savings bank had hired a landscape architect to create a suitable environment for the old tree. As thomas potsch says, this is what the land conversion was all about: "sustainability" of the tree safe. "We know that it is a tree worthy of special protection and we have relied on the assessment of the landscape architect."

A neighbor who protests the falling of the tree recalls that there used to be many of these black walnut trees on the western property line to the city savings bank. "Except for the remaining tree, they have all fallen victim to the new construction of the savings bank in 1967." The neighbor assumes that the "redesign of the rear area of the city savings bank" the tree "new conditions have created. And calls for "new mmeasures to preserve the tree".

But even the BN local group has given up hope that the black walnut could be saved. "Especially in forchheim, where we have tree damage, safety must come first", says edith fieber in allusion to the accidents caused by falling trees on the annafest site.
But the current tree story should not remain without consequences: in her function as FGL city councillor, edith fieber is pushing for a discussion on tree protection. With the help of the FGL faction, she wanted to bring the issue to the city council: the protection of selected woods, as stipulated in the ordinance, must be effectively monitored.