Reunion with hans and benny beimer in “lindenstrabe”

Reunion with hans and benny beimer in 'lindenstrabe'

Shortly before the end of the ARD series "lindenstrabe", viewers will see former characters such as hans and benny beimer again on sunday.

For the filming in colombia, the actors returned to their old workplaces after a long time away in some cases. Besides nostalgia, he was also caught up in the feeling "that an era of german television history is coming to an end," said christian kahrmann (benny), according to a "lindenstrabe" spokeswoman.

He wonders "what my life would have been like if I hadn’t played in this historic german series," said kahrmann (47), who quit "lindenstrabe" 27 years ago. His appearance on 1. Marz is short, but "psychedelic pragnant".

In the episode "the ghosts who called helga" (ARD, 18.50 o’clock), helga beimer (marie-luise marjan), who was injured in an arson attack, deliriously meets, among others, her son benny, who died in an accident, and her ex-husband hans (joachim H. Luger) and erich schiller (bill mockridge) again.

The reunion with his old colleagues was very emotional for him, said mockridge (72): "the scenery, the team and then standing in the beimer/schiller apartment with marie-luise marjan… Well, there was a lot of joy and a lot of tears flowing."

Joachim H. Luger (76) said that after his exit from the series in 2018, a return was actually unthinkable for him. In the end, however, he was convinced by the idea. "Admittedly, it was a strange feeling to return to my old workplace, familiar and yet a little strange," said luger, according to the spokeswoman. But it was wonderful to shoot again with his former colleagues, he "didn’t regret it for a second".

On 29. March sees the last "lindenstrabe" episode after a good 35 years. In 2018, the majority of ARD’s television programming conference had decided against extending the production contract.