New power in the council – burgher referendums by absentee ballot

Fedor glinka, head of the municipality of pommersfelden, shared the following information.

For the voters, this would mean that they would have to vote on sunday, 5. April, did not have to go to the polling station in person. Glinka has already asked the responsible ministry whether there are any concerns about such a "postal vote" give. The answer is still pending. The idea for this came from the municipal council.

According to glinka, this is actually not constitutionally permissible. "In a special situation of danger" – and the corona crisis is paying off – this approach is possible, however. The upcoming runoff election for the bamberger district council could possibly be conducted in this way as well.

The pommersfelden town council elected on sunday will in future have a new member: the weiher-oberndorf local community (OGWO) will be represented by a town councillor, karin uri.

In 2014, the unity limbach group had only one councillor in edgar frischmann. With the new election, another one was added. In addition, the free electoral community of steppach has gained one mandate, the electoral bloc of sambach has lost one mandate.