Pushed away by car

Pushed away by car

As usual, there were vehicles parked in front of the practice that brought or picked up dialysis patients. Because a young man from a rescue service was standing in his way, the 65-year-old driver from kitzingen slightly pushed him twice with the vehicle from behind. The third contact must then have been somewhat more violent: the young man buckled briefly, experienced severe pain in his knee, and was on sick leave for two days and then two weeks. "And now I have water in my knee", the witness reported to the court.

The pensioner, who was traveling with a patient for a private ambulance company, brought neither a criminal record nor points from flensburg to the trial: he had never attracted any unpleasant attention in road traffic. The young man, whom he had almost killed, was from the johannitern and supported at the "time of the crime" just used hand gestures to push a colleague out of a parking space. This must have taken too long for the man from kitzingen with the patient on board.

He honked slightly, he says, but without any reaction to the "obstacle". That is why, according to the defendant, he was extremely slow to the "obstacle" drove up and touched the young man at most once, but so gently that he could not notice it in the car. "Maybe something had happened minimally to the knee, but nothing serious", the defendant said, because otherwise he would have asked whether the other man had been injured. When he had delivered his patient to dialysis and came out, the young man had already left. He regrets the incident, he is sorry, he had already apologized shortly afterwards in the rescue station of the victim and does this here again.

Witness left his personal details

The johanniter remembered it differently: with a hand signal he had asked for a moment's patience so that his colleague could maneuver the transport vehicle out of the parking lot in a jerky manner, shortly afterwards there was pressure from behind. "Hello, what is this" he had shouted and knocked on the hood of the accused's car. But he doesn't want to have heard that. An employee of the red cross observed the event: "yes, he wants to drive into the legs", he had thought and afterwards had given his personal data to the johanniter as a precaution, in case he needed a witness.

A police officer confirmed the impression that the court had of the man who had been hit: no tendency to dramatize, no eagerness to take the blame, as could be seen from the fact that he only went to the police after three days to think about it and reported the jostling.

"This could have ended differently", the judge summed up. The car was used like a weapon. The defendant certainly did not want to hurt the man from the johanniter, but he may have been under time pressure, stressed and annoyed, because he could not drive to the only free parking space and then reacted so violently. Thus the facts of dangerous bodily harm, assault and dangerous interference with traffic were fulfilled. For this he received nine months with probation, a two-month driving ban and a fine of 1,000 euros for the benefit of a charitable organization.