Rugendorf: ralf holzmann will not run for mayor again

The letter from the rugendorf town hall arrived yesterday afternoon – and it contains partly harsh criticism of political comrades-in-arms: by mail mayor ralf holzmann (uwg) lets know that he "after careful consideration and deliberation" will not run again for mayor of rugendorf in the municipal election on 15. Marz will not run for first mayor again in 2020. "This for me difficult decision made finally health problems compellingly necessary."

For the reason he took up a quotation of landrat klaus peter sollner: "zwietracht zehrt – eintracht nahrt", and continued as follows: "from the beginning of my term of office, and especially in the last two years, so much discontent and discord was spread that it caused me considerable health problems. Under such conditions I can no longer continue to work and hope for the understanding of my rugendorf citizens for it."

With burgers "at eye level"

As mayor, he has striven for unity in the town council over the years, but has never seen the council as an elitist body that governs the townspeople. And even as a mayor he never saw himself as superior, but tried to meet his fellow burghers eye to eye. After all, it is our common task to act in the interest of the community. "Personal interests must be left aside in a community council. Unfortunately, not all municipal councils see it that way", holzmann continues.

Those who have criticized my work and my actions publicly and also behind closed doors with unfounded accusations and untruths, and have disrespectfully carried them to the public, must and should now take responsibility". Who, by their actions or inactions, also caused unnecessary delays in important matters and ended up blaming me for it."

Against each other instead of with each other

It behooves us, holzmann said, to thank all of our council colleagues for working together, "even though with some it was more like working against each other.". As a result, he will no longer be politically active. He thanked the burgers for the trust they have placed in him.