Doctor dahintens truth

Doctor dahintens truth

To the munnerstadter erzahlcafe, which is located in the haus st. Michael, many listeners came to the meeting. Dr. Alfred dahinten, a general practitioner in munnerstadt, talked about his daily work, which is characterized by his commitment to providing medical care close to home.

At the beginning he loved to know who the spectators could trust – him, and not the press. Because he was harsh with it. So he claimed that journalists "muzzles" get. Yes, they were not allowed to write about the major problems in the health sector. "The media conceal the truth – I don’t say they lie: no, they conceal the truth", that is dahintens representation. He did not provide any evidence. For this he promised: "today I will tell my truth."

He described himself ironically as "old-fashioned" doctor, for whom it was important to discuss the illnesses of the patients with them, so that they understood the background of their suffering. "It is important to me to motivate them to take their lives into their own hands", said back there. This usually worked out very well.

He doesn’t think much of overmedication; in fact, he used to see himself as a "butt for the pharmaceutical industry, which only seeks to maximize profits. Especially the fact that the hospitals in the region today are largely corporations bothers him enormously. "Often the discharge of the patients takes place too early, an unding, in my opinion", according to the practicing doctor. In the past, the care of patients in hospitals was better, there were more staff who could give more care to the sick. This is no longer the case today, especially because savings have been made on the staff.

"As a general practitioner, you make an effort to keep people fit", according to his credo. Dahinten argued that the psychological component, which is achieved through intensive care, is often neglected in hospitals. "As a family doctor, you have to try to provide the best possible care for your patients – this also includes home visits, which I am happy to do", he continued.
The "mafia of the health care system" is to blame for the misery.

There was a lack of control, which could not be the case. At the same time, he made serious accusations against the politicians. But when he then went on to talk about barbara stamm, the president of the bavarian state parliament, listeners bristled.

Dahinten also claimed that the state has shamelessly used health insurance money for the scrappage scheme, without elaborating on the background. Again, "the media" is to blame for the fact that so little is known about the region.

During the lecture, which lacked a stringent concept, the audience jumped from topic to topic. As could be seen from the interjections of the visitors, they had wanted more information about the biography of a general practitioner.