Very close to the artists

The summer is not yet over calendrical. But in nudlingen the responsible persons are already in the middle of the preparations for the first "nudlinger herbstzeit", the new small arts festival in the community bookshop.

Official opening is on saturday, 21. September, at 19.30 o’clock with the exhibition "quer-schnitte" of the silhouette artist wolfgang muller from bamberg, who was awarded the "kulturforderpreis" of his home town. Timo-jan deen (percussion) and florian kirchner (keyboard), both former members of the percussion allstars of the city music school of bad kissingen, will provide soft jazz sounds this evening.

Ever since the community library was opened in 2011, its director, hubert ziegler (56), has had the idea of expanding the range of services offered by this public facility on the second floor of the town hall and turning the "town hall" of the town hall, which was awarded the an "arthouse to make. "You have to offer more than bucher", ziegler is convinced. "I finally have an educational and cultural mission." Today, already one third of all media is borrowed online. "So we have to come up with something to bring the residents indoors."

With this first small art festival "nudlinger herbstzeit 2019" organized by him wants to make it and according to the registration so far it seems to succeed. Not only for the free opening event on 21. September, but has also already bought tickets for the other three events.

For each event, the shelves in the bookstore are simply rolled up against the wall and space is created for a maximum of 50 people. "Culture in the middle is the motto of the festival. Not only is the event hall located in the middle of town, but the visitors also sit right in the middle of it, very close to the artists. "No one has to travel far, and no one needs opera glasses", ziegler promotes the nudlinger kleinkunst series, for which he has engaged artists of various genres on a saturday evening every month until december.

From cabaret to crime story

There should be something for all interests and all ages. Therefore, after the premiere on 21. September, for whose participation despite free entrance ziegler asks for previous registration, on 5. October the french songwriter siggi juhasz from schwebenried (main-spessart) under the motto "dahom und daus" with little stories and own songs to the guitar and harmonica to be experienced.

On 23. November is followed by comedian jonas greiner, winner of the erdinger cabaret prize, who at 2.07 meters is "germany’s tallest cabaret artist", with his program "life is too beautiful to be short". On the fourth and last evening, "assassination and lavender liqueur" will be served the munich actors eleonore daniel and jurgen wegschneider culinary murder stories. They then also reveal how schlager star heino brings a murderer to justice.

"A town hall as a cultural center is not exactly commonplace either", nudlingen’s managing director stefan funk draws attention to the special feature and is pleased about the already good response since the program was announced. In his function as a member of the district council of lower franconia and a member of the cultural committee of the district council, he also supports this festival, which the municipality has secured with a contribution of 3,000 euros in the budget, of which the district of lower franconia takes over 800 euros from funds of the lower franconian cultural foundation. Funk: "we have to offer culture where people live in order to increase the attractiveness of the town and to keep the residents in the town."

Although the premiere has not even taken place yet, those responsible already know that there will be a continuation next year. Maybe then also times "a coarser event with a coarser name" could being part of it, organizational ziegler thinks out loud. "The festival is in a way our preliminary work for the "unterfranken culture weeks 2022", adds district councilor funk. Because nudlingen also wants to participate as part of the kissinger bogen municipal alliance with the three other member communities of bad bocklet, burkardroth and oberthulba.