Cabaret artist dudenhoffer thinks traveling is “still too early”

Cabaret artist dudenhoffer thinks traveling is 'still too early'

Saarland cabaret artist gerd dudenhoffer (70) may not go on vacation because of corona. "I think it’s still too early. I have no desire to go somewhere and then sit there in quarantine," he told the german press agency in bexbach.

That’s why he canceled a previously planned trip. He is also happy at home: "I am now looking at the most beautiful palatinate forest. And that’s all the man needs."

Dudenhoffer has been on stage since 1985 as the norgeliger pensioner heinz becker with trouser straps and "batschkapp". He canceled his stage program for this year, but next year he wants to come out with another best-of program, "dejà-vu 2," he said. The basis for this should be the last 18 programs. He will probably present his "DOD" program again in the fall of 2021.

He has come through the corona crisis well so far, dudenhoffer said. "I’m just at home until it starts again."A new start is only possible for him if he feels that the audience can go to the theater again without being disturbed. "If the first row is free, and there are four in the second row wearing masks, and every five minutes there’s a break for a cough or a sneeze: that’s nonsense, it’s useless."