Schmitt Wields the scepter

Schmitt wields the scepter

"With your previous experience, you are well prepared for all new challenges in everyday school life and will master them with confidence. You are a committed teacher who has fulfilled her duties with great dedication in all her previous positions." This was emphasized by school board member susanne vodde at the official introduction of angelika schmitt as the new principal of the elementary school.
The elementary school's brass class accompanied the ceremony with songs, to which deputy principal edith mayer buried all the guests. "Today is the official inauguration of our principal, but in reality she has already taken the reins since september and has dedicated herself with enthusiasm to her new tasks."
Mayor and school association chairman walter ziegler welcomes the new principal. Everyone involved in school today has his or her own special demands and expectations. Nowadays, even the schools knew how to articulate their interests. Some schoolchildren put forward their ideas and also worried about school matters. But while many are extremely hungry for education and take advantage of all the offers, there are also students who prefer to be left alone or who expect an entertainment program from the school. This is part of the tension between the teachers. The parents also spoke out strongly. Yesterday still a follower of a however understood "cuddly pedagogy", today, many are pushing for performance and more performance. "Some also seem to expect the school to take all educational duties off their hands."
School board member susanne vodde wished angelika schmitt from the school district team a good start at her new school. The thoughts of laotse "he who knows his goal will find the way" the new principal had certainly made a conscious choice, and the accompanying picture allowed a number of conclusions to be drawn: sometimes paths ran in the sand, sometimes there were bigger stones and obstacles in the way, and there were also difficulties and detours to be overcome. Angelika schmitt has certainly made experiences on the way so far and has now found her way here to ebelsbach to the elementary school.
"Your high level of expertise and professional competence earned you recognition. You've shown teamwork and have always worked hard to bond with the students.", the school councilor attested. Class leadership and school leadership are two demanding tasks in themselves, which can be fulfilled, but can also easily become a test of endurance in everyday life.
Susanne vodde wished the new principal that she would inspire people with her energetic and open-minded manner and that she would find the right paths to many new goals with the team of teachers.

Hope for a little more peace and quiet

In his opening remarks, parents' council chairman markus reinwand said that with the introduction of mixed classes, changes of school location and the creation of a new school, it had always been interesting and never boring. Now we have a new start and with it he hopes that there will be more peace and quiet and that we can concentrate on the things that are important for the children. There is already an open exchange of information between the school management and the parents' council. He symbolically presented an "enter button" as a gift, which angelika schmitt could use, if again the administration program does not function. But if nothing else works, it can also serve as a resting cushion for relaxation.

"I have arrived"

Rector angelika schmitt felt it was a good idea to wait a few months before taking office, because then you don't have to talk about unfounded luck and hopes, but can already build on a lot of experience. "After these first three months i can say: i have arrived!" Her deputy edith mayer relieved her with her energy and her good advice from her long experience, and the teaching staff had also welcomed her warmly.
According to her motto, "he who knows his goal will find the way she emphasized that she wanted to awaken life. Here she thinks first of all of the children, who should develop at their school, feel comfortable and go to school without fear. But all the people who work here at the school should also be able to develop and contribute their ideas.
At the end of the day, the teachers surprised the new principal with a song.

Stages in the career of the new principal

1989 teacher trainee at the johann-peter-wagner elementary school in theres

2004 appointment as deputy principal at eltmann elementary school

2010/11 appointment as principal of the johann-baptist-graser-primary school

2017 inauguration of angelika schmitt as new principal of ebelsbach elementary school