Youth is important

The youth camps are important to the coburg district association of bavarian pedigree rabbit breeders. Because these events are popular among young rabbit breeders, they create a sense of community and keep young members in the club. Therefore, the joy of the district youth leader christine hanel and district chairman peter hanel was great at the autumn meeting of the district association in niederfullbach, when they announced that the district association coburg was allowed to organize the state camp in 2019.

So far, seven youth camps have taken place, of which the coburg district club hosted five. This speaks for the good organization provided by christine hanel and her team. The coburg district association is very proud of this. It is planned to organize the national youth camp together with the district youth camp at pentecost.

Peter hanel went into detail about the new points system that will be applied to assessments from now on. Special attention is paid to body shape, type, conformation and coat of the rabbits. In addition, the ears of all breeds will be measured with immediate effect. With the veterinary surgeon hans peter sporleder from baden-wurttemberg, the central association of german pedigree rabbit breeders has a new animal welfare officer. Hanel announced further data: the association has lost 3813 adult and 1212 youth members. The association has 113,144 members throughout germany.

Hanel also reported on the certificate of competence that every breeder will be able to obtain in the future, and said: "there's no harm in broadening your horizons a bit and gaining new knowledge or refreshing it." The district chairman advised to take this certificate of competence.

And once again it became clear how important the young rabbit breeders are to the association. For example, district youth director christine hanel said that in the future, children who have not yet reached the age of six can also exhibit their animals and be honored.