“This shows gross idealism”

Despite the cold and wet weather, about 250 people came to schnappenhammer to float again on the wild rodach to wallenfels at the end of the float season.
After all participants had arrived safely on the zwolf flobboden at the willi schreiber-floberhaus, they received the coveted certificate. And they were even very proud of it, because the finale was anything but ideal due to weather conditions. Nevertheless, everyone was in a great mood and – after overcoming their inner pig dog with this participation – they celebrated extensively. Among the attentive observers on saturday was honorary flobmeister andreas muller.

No traps

After the work was done, the active members of the flober community of wallenfels traditionally met in the flober cellar. Chairman andreas buckreus thanked all idealists for their commitment. Accident-free has been a labor-intensive year, he said. Despite the low rainfall in the first few weeks, only one trip was cancelled due to low water levels. And this had now been made up on saturday.
This year 5500 people had fun at the "wet pleasure the chairman informed. In the long term, however, a flob pond would be necessary to safeguard the tourist attraction, said buckreus. Climate change is certainly making itself felt, the chairman is certain. After all, 44 flob ponds were once needed to maintain the flob industry in the frankenwald in times of water shortage. The highlight of the 2017 season was the "rodach in flames" attraction to the kirchweih with 480 fans on the floating wooden bandages.
Chairman buckreus thanked the active musicians with the flobmeisters henry stocker and tobias weib, barbara kolb-kremer from the city of wallenfels for making the bookings, the women for hosting the guests, and all local companies for their support. In his words of thanks, he also thanked the water management office and the district office of kronach.
Special mention was made of the water rescue service of wallenfels, which provided the rescue service on all saturdays. On behalf of the town of wallenfels, second mayor erich mahringer praised the work-intensive commitment of the flober community, which constantly carries the name of wallenfels out into the world through its continuous readiness for action, and in this way challenges tourism. The intensive cultivation of tradition is exemplary in wallenfels, mahringer proudly emphasized. "To organize 50 to 60 active people and helpers for the float rides on each of 15 saturdays is exemplary and testifies to great idealism."