Baiersdorf now has over 8000 inhabitants

Baiersdorf now has over 8000 inhabitants

Mayor andreas galster (CSU) expects the number of residents to continue to rise; also in the districts of igelsdorf and hagenau, whose population has stagnated over the last ten years, while in baiersdorf itself and in wellerstadt it has risen from 5703 to 6115, so that the city broke the 8000 mark in 2017.

Building area in igelsdorf

Igelsdorf is set to see an increase of more than 120 people when the new bergstrabe-nord development area with its 40 residential units is occupied. It is fitting that baiersdorf's city council has decided on a plot of land in birkenweg in igelsdorf as the new location for the kindergarten. In the projected text for the castle meeting, there was still a day care center in the hat; however, this was specified as the location of igelsdorf in the most recent city council meeting.

As was heard on the fringes of the event, local residents see this as a positive move, as it signals to them that the town will continue to develop and grow together with the residential areas in the east of baiersdorf.

Social housing

A large-scale residential project is already underway on the so-called "reichel plot" along the old circular road. The groundbreaking ceremony took place last friday. There will also be 40 residential units. 60 percent of the dwellings "at the igelsdorfer weg" are subject to social housing.

Rising population numbers are having a positive impact on city budget revenues. So the result of the administrative budget 2017 is around 900.000 euros higher than the chamberer's estimate at the beginning of the year. The increase is essentially based on additional income from income and trade taxes.

Debts are reduced

For the current year, galster is also counting on additional revenue in the rough order of 1.1 million euros. This is to pay off more loans. This means that baiersdorf is once again approaching the debt levels it had before the heavy rain catastrophe of 2007. While in 2006 it was still hoped to become debt-free in the following years, loans had to be taken out, especially from 2008 onwards, in order to repair the damage to public facilities. In 2013, debt peaked at almost 14 million euros. At the end of this year, the budget will be reduced to eight million euros.

The good tax situation allows baiersdorf to invest in the future with no or moderate borrowings. An expansion of the elementary school and the kindergarten in igelsdorf are at the top of the list. There were 71 births in 2017. That is 21 more than ten years ago. In addition, there are the children who, according to galster, "not the stork, but the moving van" to baiersdorf. He expects that the elementary school will have four classes and that the number of students at the middle school will stabilize. Currently, there are 193 students in the independent institution.

Dispute with neighbors settled

The dispute over whether effeltrich and poxdorf should remain in the school association has been settled for some time. The association owns the building on a leasehold basis and is planning to renovate the school.

Last week's heavy downpours led to water on the roads and in cellars in the area of industriestrabe and konigsberger strabe. Burger asked what the cause had been. Galster explained that the city has meanwhile had the canals inspected: they are structurally in order. The water volume was not so rough that the reservoir channel between fliesen-boxdorfer and klaranlage was completely full.

Traffic jam in hausern

These facts prompted galster to make an urgent appeal to all homeowners to seek professional advice on how to avoid backups in their homes. "Every homeowner has a duty to protect himself against jerks", he emphasized several times.

Bike path to forchheim

Many would like to see a better bicycle connection to forchheim. It was soon allowed to come, because baiersdorf fortifies the roadway between wellerstadt and the gemarkungsgrenze to hausen. A cross connection from hausen across the canal and the regnitz is to be built on upper franconian territory, which is to be continued in the direction of kersbach.

Bus to erlangen

The old wish for better bus contacts to erlangen has also been granted. From the change of timetable in december, there will be more stops and a denser frequency in baiersdorf. "A bus runs once an hour from the north of baiersdorf to the train station in erlangen", galster said. The city owes the increase in density to a bus company that operates these lines on its own account.