Konigsberg blesses the regiomontanum

Konigsberg blesses the regiomontanum

In the city council in konigsberg on tuesday evening, on the one hand, a "star child" was discussed, but also about money: the city council discussed the construction of a learning and educational center for astronomy and mathematics in the city’s salzmarkt 2 building. And for this they had to pass a resolution to take over the project sponsorship.

Mayor erich stubenrauch (WG) was joined as a guest by ulrike brech, director of the school district and chairwoman of the "regiomontanum". Brech did her best to convince the committee of the importance of this facility for the city of konigsberg. And their rhetorical art did not fail to have an effect on the hearts: "johannes muller, the rough son of this city, really does not deserve to stand silently by the marketplace fountain. His legacy, and I hope you will agree with me wholeheartedly, can really not be shaped more vividly than when childlike explorers follow in his footsteps, follow his paths of thought, in order to perhaps one day take the path of an explorer themselves", she explained.

Brech deliberately ended on a somewhat pathetic note: "let’s get the stars from the sky for konigsberg", it proposed for the regiomontanum to receive.

Passion for the cause is one thing, cost is another: erich stubenrauch then presented the cost of the project, in two sections. On the one hand the exhibition, on the other hand the alterations. The cost estimates for the exhibition come to 357.000 euro (300.000 euro net), the city is assuming 380.000 euro.

Cost of 36.000 euros

mayor stubenrauch pointed out that the vote today is only about the exhibition. In addition, the city is requesting that the leader pay 50 percent of the net costs, i.E. 150 percent.000 euros. The county of habberge said a participation of 104.000 euros already, the forderverein wants to pay 67.000 euro to raise.

So remain on the city just ten percent of the gross amount hanging, so 36.000 euro. And here stubenrauch is also hoping for grants from the cultural foundation of the district of lower franconia and the savings bank foundation of eastern lower franconia.

Councillor claus bittenbrunn asked for details: according to the mayor, the costs for the exhibition consist of fees, the production of the models, the didactic teaching material that is needed, the rights of use and the costs for the training of the volunteers up to the interior decoration (approximate item).

Own contribution of 152.000 euro

the city councilors also discussed the costs for the expansion and reconstruction of the present salt market 2 (former new apostolic church). Konigsberg will only take part in the tree removals if the 150 euros planned for the exhibition are paid by the leader.000 euros. Then came on the city at a fordersatz of 60 percent by the stadtebauforder an own contribution of 152.000 euro (out of a total cost of 380.000 euro). Councilman otto kirchner appeared these costs very high.

Erich stubenrauch explained that the entire building will have to be gutted; a handicapped accessible elevator will have to be installed and the existing bell tower will have to be demolished. The turn was installed later anyway and takes up a lot of space in the middle of the upper floor.

During the discussion, it became clear that some city council members were concerned about the city’s financial situation. In the vote, the city council finally voted 11:4 in favor of taking over the sponsorship of the "regiomontanum konigsberg i". Bay." From. Thus, the city of konigsberg will apply for leader from the so-called eler fund. The completion is planned until the year 2015.