Mdb zeulner wants to continue to fight for underground cabling at neuensorg

Mdb zeulner wants to continue to fight for underground cabling at neuensorg

"I have said from the beginning that I can only support a solution that we can explain well to the people on the ground. It is therefore only logical that all modified variants of the P44 are off the table. This is very good news for the counties of lichtenfels, bamberg and kulmbach. I have fought for this for a long time and the effort has paid off. I am very pleased that new innovations now make it possible to eliminate the need for the original P44 variant, and I share the joy of the people of coburg", emmi zeulner, member of the bundestag, is pleased . "There have already been initial indications of this in recent days, but the agreement between the federal economics minister altmaier (CDU) and the state economics ministers from bavaria, hesse and thuringia had not yet been officially confirmed by all sides."

"Despite this great success on the one hand, there is still a drop of bitterness on the other: the underground cabling of the eastern bavarian ring road in the neuensorg and schwandorf area is not yet part of the compromise negotiated between the economics ministers", mdb zeulner explains further.

"Underground cabling for neuensorg and schwandorf remains a matter close to my heart. I had already been campaigning for this time and again since 2014. Together with my colleague mdb karl holmeier and mdb anja weisgerber, i negotiated the possibility of more underground cabling at neuralgic points into the coalition agreement. It would be a staircase joke of history if in the end the supporters of underground cabling for their concerns in neuensorg and schwandorf were not taken into account. Because the compromise of the energy ministers provides for further underground cabling projects for 380 kv lines. The chances for undergrounding have never been greater than in the current negotiations on an overall concept. That is why it is now important for bavaria to make it clear that an underground cabling of the eastern bavarian ring road at the neuralgic points of neuensorg and schwandorf would not cause any significant delays, and even if it did, the existing power line would still be there", THE DEPUTY SAID.

" I have asked mr. Hubert aiwanger, minister of state, for his support here several times in the last few weeks, in the context of the negotiations that are taking place. He is in a crucial political role to bring about a solution for the local people here. He bears responsibility for the whole of bavaria. I would like to thank the local people for their patience and support, as well as the district councils, mayors and colleagues from the parliaments, mdb zeulner concludes.


In recent months, federal economics minister peter altmaier had met with the economics ministers of the states of bavaria, hesse and thuringia for talks to find a solution to the upcoming power line projects. This consists now of the fact that instead of the building of the route P44 a reinforcement of the net in thuringia is intended. Here, an additional strand is laid in the direct current passage. At the same time, the still planned route P43, which will be led from the north to the former nuclear power plant grafenrheinfeld, will be laid as far as possible as an underground cable.