With a lot of money in the children’s village

"Mad". Holger hassel, director of the SOS children's village upper palatinate, could not say more. After a few seconds of surprise, he added: "this is a commitment, someone should say something against today's youth"!"
What happened on tuesday afternoon in the SOS children's village?? Six young girls from the montessori school in mitwitz and their teacher marco hofmann paid a visit to the facility. They had a thick envelope full of banknotes and coins. It was the income and donations from a charity dinner. 19 girls and boys from the seventh to ninth grades organized it in the school hall.
The kick-off came at the campfire. Flyers have been printed and distributed at the open tur day. Companies and sponsors were contacted and a menu was printed. The main menu consisted of a barlauchsuppe, a gemuselasagne with stuffed mushrooms and potatoes and different desserts. Everything prepared by the students themselves, of course.
73 parents, well-known companies and teachers followed the invitation to celebrate a pleasant day with music accompaniment and to challenge and help children. During the preparations, the decision was made in favor of the SOS children's village. The effort and mooing of the young people paid off.
Together with the money from the donation box, a total of 1157.30 euros was raised. An amount that amazed and more than surprised the director of the SOS children's village, holger hassel. It goes without saying that the guests from mitwitz were invited to take a tour of the SOS children's village and get to know the facility with all its areas of responsibility.