Europe must grow up!

Enriched with personal anecdotes from her childhood and youth, mdep monika hohlmeier, the daughter of former prime minister franz josef straub, spoke in the packed "margaretenstube" at the sponsel inn for the support of the european people’s party in the upcoming european election. The representative of upper franconia in brussel presented herself as a glowing european. The reason: her father drove her by jeep to the former war theaters in europe and showed her where the partisans in yugoslavia had entrenched themselves.

Growing up

"This war left wounds that we are still feeling decades later, emphasized monika hohlmeier. But a united europe is more important than ever before. The world does not judge itself by the level of disputes in europe. That’s why europe has to grow up. Also because putin is in the process of creating a new kind of soviet empire and the americans have turned their backs on the atlantic region. "I’m not sure if it’s healthy", hohlmeier said.

Europeans would be well advised to seek trading partners, including in africa. It strengthens the economy in the black continent and raises the standard of living. Thanks to increased cooperation with companies in zambia, more and more people there are living in smart houses instead of tin hats. For this, europe must speak with one voice, not with 28.

Straub or thatcher?

Economy without ecology is not feasible, says hohlmeier. Both must be agreed. Her father had already argued about this with maggie thatcher, who was convinced that "whoever has the money has the power." Straub disagreed: power is in the hands of those who have the means of production.

The cooperation of the authorities in europe has led to the discovery of sexual abuse in 37 countries. Cooperation is necessary. "What fruit is grown and how, we can do it ourselves, we don’t even need berlin for that", said hohlmeier, who spoke out vehemently against a culture of prohibition. The motto is to tackle and tackle hard.


"We need european airbuses and trains from siemens/alstom and not imported goods from CAC in china, a giant that is ten times as big as both european companies together", hohlmeier demanded. Instead of an obsession with detail, excessive bureaucracy, regulatory frenzy and paternalistic policies, pragmatic solutions are called for. "But we have to go to italy for that", hohlmeier regretted.

Cooperation in research must not end with a telescope that can be used to read the newspaper in new york from kirchehrenbach. The problem of climate change can only be solved together. And china showed interest in such results, because in the one-party state, people worried about air pollution. Oceans did not have to drown in plastic gauze. There were processes by which plastics could be broken down into their individual components. A huge market, found hohlmeier. These technologies need to be driven forward. By growing certain fruits, soil contaminated by heavy metals could be made fertile again.

One of the most urgent tasks of the european parliament is to enforce a minimum taxation of corporations like google or apple. Equally important: a departure from the unanimity principle, which had already been broken in isolated cases. But the most important thing is to have people and politicians who are capable of compromise . "But we won’t find them among ideologically driven groups," hohlmeier said, emphasized hohlmeier.